Your alarm clock blares and you wake up with a start realizing how late you are for work. You holler at your kids to wake and hop into the shower. You worry how you will get to your meeting on time and whether your son will get to school in time for his big test. You run to the kitchen shoving a piece of toast in your mouth as you yell at your children to put their shoes on. After hauling the kids into the car you hastily back out, nearly knocking your garbage can over. You quickly drive worrying whether you and your kids will make it on time. You tap your foot impatiently at the cross walk and glance at the clock which reads 7:56; if you are fast, your kids can make it to school by 8:00. You accelerate forward while taking a bite of toast and lecturing your son about cell division. Suddenly a kid appears. You slam the breaks. Tires screech. Its too late. You hit a child. Your worries from before are no longer worthy of being worries. Life as you knew it has ended.

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